Bowmanville Landscaping Services - R.W. Contracting Ltd.

RW Contacting offers landscaping services year round to keep your property looking great in both summer and winter. You will find we get your job done on time, every time.

We give close attention to detail to make your experience the very best. Learn about our Bowmanville Landscaping Services below.

We use advanced techniques to build highly attractive interlocking patios and walkways.
Keep your yard or grounds from eroding with a well-built retaining wall. Now even hard rains won’t disrupt your yard.
We give you that lush, trimmed look that makes your lawn look better than any other. RW Contracting provides full commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance.
RW Contracting landscaping service cleans up Spring and Fall removing fallen limbs, leaves, weeds, and more. No need to set aside your valuable time to do the work, our team can handle it.
We plant the trees of your choice. Enjoy beautiful, environmentally friendly trees on your property.
We have the big equipment needed for major jobs. Our backhoe service can move dirt, gravel, large stones and more.
Give your yard the healthy treatment is needs with expert professional sodding.
Stay safe in Winter with our on-time snowplowing and salting. We clear driveways and walkways and make them safe for your family, customers, and employees. No need to worry about snow packed driveways. Our well-equipped snow plow team will be there early to dig you out.
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Keeping a home looking outstanding and professional is hard work and requires a significant amount of time and dedication.

At RW Contracting, we offer year-round property maintenance service. To learn more and request a FREE quote contact us.
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